British Prime Minister Truss Promises She Will Guide Country Through the Storm

British Prime Minister Liz Truss pledged to steer the UK through “the storm” at a Conservative party rally. She is referring to the criticism she received of several new policy proposals she made earlier. Truss’s speech was briefly interrupted by Greenpeace activists.

Truss has only been at the helm of the UK for a month but is already in the eye of the storm. Her package of tax cuts, in particular, has suffered. One of the measures – a tax cut for the very rich – has already been reversed.

During her speech at the party rally, Truss underlined that the country had entered a “new era” with King Charles II succeeding his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

“These are stormy days. We have mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth together and are now in a new era under King Charles. We are facing a global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and Putin’s horrific war in Ukraine. In these difficult times, we need to step up. I am determined to push the UK forward, see us through the storm and make us stronger as a nation,” Truss said.

Truss stressed that she has three priorities for the UK economy: “growth, growth and more growth.” Truss says he has a clear plan for this. She announced a “new era” that is “unabashedly pro-growth”. “There is no alternative. I’m willing to make the tough decisions. You can trust me to do what it takes. We must not yield to the voices of doom,” she said.

“Change always comes with difficulties. Not everyone will be in favour of that,” she told her audience.

During the speech, Greenpeace protesters were kicked out of the hall. The demonstrators carried a flag with “who voted for this?” Truss ordered security to remove the women from the room.

Not much later in her speech, Truss called left-wing activists “enemies of business” and part of an “anti-growth coalition” along with opposition parties, unions and Brexit deniers. She claimed they would run to the BBC and “peddle” misinformation. They don’t have their ideas, says Truss. “We are the only party with a clear plan to get Britain moving,” it said.

Former minister and Conservative Grant Shapps warned that Truss’ political future could depend on the speech. A confidence vote could be organized within the party on her position if her speech does not affect the popularity of the Conservatives, he told Times Radio. However, Shapps said MPs are unlikely to wait as the party plummets in the polls.

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