Britain Postpones Border Controls on Goods from the EU Again

Britain is once again delaying the introduction of full border controls on goods from the European Union. According to the British, the red tape and the new immigration rules are exacerbating problems in the supply chain.


Downing Street 10 indicates that the checks will be introduced in January instead of next month. The British speak of a “pragmatic new timetable”.

Initially, British customs would ask for more paperwork from April this year when importing foodstuffs such as milk and meat from the European Union due to Brexit. From July, loads should also be physically inspected. But the introduction of the controls was eventually postponed for a few months.

On the European side, the extra checks already apply to goods from the United Kingdom. British exporters were previously dismayed at the United Kingdom’s decision to postpone new customs rules for imports from the European Union due to its competitive position.

The reason for the earlier postponement was the corona crisis. Companies should be able to recover from the corona crisis without the red tape. Boris Johnson’s government also feared that border barriers would create shortages just as lockdowns eased.

The statement published on Tuesday again pointed to the impact of the corona crisis. Businesses have faced a series of challenges in recent months as they recover from the global pandemic, which has hit supply chains across Europe.

“This is particularly noticeable in the agri-food sector, where new regulations for the import of products of animal origin would be introduced from next month. However, instead of introducing these controls now, the government has listened to those who have called for a new approach to give companies more time to adapt.”

Full customs declarations and checks will be implemented on January 1, 2022. However, safety and security declarations will not be required until July 1, 2022.

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