Border Force Cracks British Handling of Boat Migrants

According to an independent inspection, Britain’s handling of migrants arriving in England by boat from France is unacceptable, ineffective, and inefficient.


The report refers to security procedure flaws and states that vulnerable people are endangered.

The inspection was led by Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, David Neal. The focus was on the first processing of migrants in two government centres between December 2021 and January 2022. Because not all migrants are registered, it is not clear, according to Neal, which people pose a threat or are themselves at risk.

“These migrants crossed the Channel in appalling conditions. Many were vulnerable and at risk, including children and women travelling alone, and when they arrived in Dover, the way they were treated was unacceptable,” said Neal. The Interior Ministry has “failed” to move from crisis response to better systems and procedures over the past three years, the inspector said.

The Inspectorate makes four recommendations, which the Ministry adopts. The advice includes training staff and identifying children, single women, and other vulnerable groups. The Ministry of the Interior also announced that major changes had been made in the inspected reception centres.

The United Kingdom’s attempts to reach the country by boat are increasing. Just over 28,526 people were officially registered in 2021, compared to 236 in 2018. In response, the British government has decided to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, but that plan has been halted due to legal objections.

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