Biden Wants to Give Vulnerable Countries 3 Billion Annually on Climate Aid

US President Joe Biden wants to give vulnerable countries 3 billion dollars annually in climate support. With this money, they can take measures against rising water levels, drought and other consequences of climate change.


Biden’s plan has yet to be approved by Congress in Washington. The money comes from a pot of 11.4 billion dollars. That is the amount that the president wants to allocate annually from 2024 to the fight against climate change. Biden hadn’t said anything about how much money would go to other countries.

The White House calls it “the largest commitment the US has ever made to reduce the impact of the climate crisis on those most vulnerable to climate change worldwide”.

With his plan, Biden says that the United States is committed to fighting climate change and wants to play an important role in it.

Under Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, the US went in a different direction. Under Trump, for example, the Americans withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, which was drawn up in 2015 to limit global warming, but that decision has since been reversed.

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