Atos Introduces Next-Generation Exascale-Class Supercomputer

Atos announces the BullSequana XH3000, the company’s new exascale-class supercomputer. This hybrid computing platform should enable top scientists to conduct research into climate change, new medicines and genomics, among other things.


The BullSequana XH3000 is powered by the latest CPU and GPU processor and accelerator architectures from AMD, Intel, Nvidia and SiPearl’s European microprocessor. The supercomputer paves the way for large-scale, faster and more efficient scientific simulations with its enormous computing capacity. Thanks to the OpenSequana architecture, the machine is also fully compatible with the latest technology.

The supercomputer was designed and built at Atos’ European manufacturing facility in Angers, France. As a European provider of supercomputing, Atos can guarantee that critical knowledge in the field of High-Performance Computing is developed and applied exclusively in Europe. This is crucial for governments, public organizations and companies to guarantee data integrity under all circumstances.

The BullSequana XH3000 is expected to be available from Q4 2022.

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