Apple Breathes New Life into iPod Game in IOS 14

You might forget it, but Apple still makes iPods. One then, the iPod touch. Long ago there was a real music quiz on it. And good news, because with iOS 14 that game will soon return to the iPod.


That music quiz still doesn’t involve a lot: the iPod plays songs in random order, and you have to indicate via multiple-choice questions which songs you think you recognize.

According to, which discovered the feature in an early version of iOS 14, the quiz only works with Apple’s own Music app. If you use Spotify or another music service, it will not work.

A music quiz consists of five rounds, and the participant is presented with five songs for each question, complete with the performer and record cover.

One of the few differences from the original quiz is that you can now also share your results via social networks.

As mentioned, the music quiz requires an iPod touch with iOS 14. That new mobile operating system from Apple will most likely see the light of day this month (September).

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