America Imposes Sanctions on NATO Ally Turkey After Purchasing Russian Missiles

The United States will impose sanctions on four executives from the Turkish defence procurement agency. That is in response to Turkey’s purchase of the modern S-400 anti-aircraft system in Russia.


The other NATO allies are also unhappy about Turkey buying Russian military equipment.

All in all, these are limited sanctions against the Turkish Defense Industry Agency, its top executive Ismail Demir and three other top executives from that institution that organizes the purchases for the Turkish army.

Their assets within reach of US jurisdiction are frozen, and the agency can no longer rely on US export licenses. Specifically, US companies will no longer be able to cooperate with that Turkish agency and will no longer be able to obtain loans from the US.

The sanctions have the support of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, so there is little chance that they will be scaled back by Democrat Joe Biden’s new administration. Earlier, the US had also suspended the supply of the new F-35 fighter aircraft to Turkey.

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