Afghanistan Demands Justice After Australian Atrocities

Afghanistan is demanding justice after reports of Australian atrocities against Afghan civilians.


Australia’s prime minister has assured Afghan President Ashraf Ghani that the military responsible for the killings will be brought to justice, the president said in Kabul on Friday.

The news comes a day after the release of a report with clear evidence that a group of Australian elite forces killed at least 39 Afghan civilians between 2009 and 2013.

This happened in 23 different incidents. According to the investigation, 25 perpetrators have been identified, some of whom are still part of the armed forces.

The Afghan government said the report was an essential step in ensuring transparency and that it has full confidence in the Australian legal system.

At least 26,000 Australian soldiers served in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014. According to reports, 41 Australian soldiers were killed, and more than 260 soldiers were injured during that period.

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