Advice to London Women Not to Go Out Alone at Night Has Fallen Very Badly

Jelke Boesten, professor of gender studies at King’s College in London, tells in “The Morning” that the murder of Sarah in metropolitan London broke the bomb: an underlying problem of insecurity and harassment of women has come to the surface for years.


“The big problem is that the (conservative) Tories have been cutting back on facilities that support women for 10 years.”

Recently there was also International Women’s Day. In the margins of this, a United Nations report was published. The report states that virtually all women (97 percent) in the UK have already experienced sexual harassment or other forms of violence or harassment.

“But hardly anyone is thinking about reporting this because they have no confidence in the system,” says Boesten.

There is sexual harassment, domestic violence, but many women are also murdered about ten a month, Boesten emphasizes. “And there is actually very little talked about or protested about, and the policy does not follow.”

Until the bomb burst, with the additional fact that the main suspect turned out to be a policeman himself. “Of course, something like that creates completely mixed feelings because ‘even the police don’t keep us safe’, it sounds. That has brought up a lot of anger.”

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